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On-Site Group Yoga & Pilates Classes

Bring yoga/pilates to your worksite, giving employees the break they deserve! Held in an empty conference room, this class offers basic yoga and/or pilates instruction enabling participants to return to work with a calm focused energy. All classes consist of breathing exercises, warm-up stretches, flowing sequences, and exercises that build strength and stamina. Each session ends with a relaxing guided meditation designed to decrease stress and promote physical and mental wellness.

Yoga and pilates can be combined into one class. Benefits include improved physical fitness, mental clarity, stress reduction, self-awareness and general well being.

On-Site Private Yoga Sessions

While group classes are an effective way of practicing yoga, yoga is a personal practice. Students looking for personal guidance can supplement their yoga classes with private instruction.

Why choose a private session:

What to Expect

In a private training session, yoga is applied uniquely to each person. Sessions allow students of all levels to explore specific areas of interest such as alignment in asanas, meditation, philosophy, etc. Generally some time is spent in discussion, isolating structural issues, assessing abilities, improving the body's form and technique, working on breathing exercises, enhancing relaxation/meditation methods, and learning how to listen to the body's signals.

Yoga postures and breathing exercises are selectively chosen and developed based on an individual's specific needs, goals, and preferences. Clients learn and practice these techniques at their own pace and within their own limitations. Attentively guided by verbal instruction, imagery, demonstration, and hands-on direction, the students can enhance their yoga practice in a way that is not necessarily attainable in group classes.


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