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Wellness seminars are designed to educate and increase knowledge and awareness on many health and fitness topics. They are also an excellent motivational tool for starting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Energy in Motion, LLC offers wellness seminars and workshops for businesses, organizations and the community. All seminars are customized to the needs of each organization. The following list of topics is the most requested.

Exercising the Elements
Regular exercise is essential to better health. It can improve cardiovascular fitness, body composition, muscle strength, and flexibility, and assist in weight control and stress management. This seminar explains the components every exercise program should include and how to effectively incorporate these components into everyday life. Learn how to become more physically fit by starting a new exercise program or improving a current program. Discover ways to make exercise a permanent part of your life.

Back to Basics
This seminar discusses the biomechanics of back muscles, how injuries occur, and what can be done to protect the back. The importance of ergonomics, proper posture, and body mechanics is highlighted with special emphasis on demonstrating proper lifting techniques and specific exercises to strengthen back muscles.

"De-stress" at Your Desk
Need to relieve some work related stress? This seminar teaches the physiology of stress, how to activate the relaxation response and how to put aside the stressors that are out of your control. Learn how to release mental tension, anger and stress with breathing and visualization exercises. This workshop also includes stretching techniques for work and home to help relieve muscle tension and tightness.

Heart Health
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States with almost 500,000 Americans dying of coronary heart disease every year. This seminar identifies the risk factors of heart disease and teaches participants how to assess their personal risks. Important lifestyle interventions are discussed including low fat, low cholesterol diet recommendations and the benefits of exercise.

General Nutrition
This informative seminar helps clear up the confusion about general nutrition and provides simple and easy-to-follow tips on how to eat healthy. The importance of protein, carbohydrate and fat as they relate to health and sound nutrition will be explained. Also highlighted are how to read nutrition labels, understanding the food guide pyramid and how to incorporate proper nutrition into a healthy lifestyle.

Fat Facts
Confused about all the different types of fat: the good fat and the bad fat, HDL vs. LDL, triglycerides vs. cholesterol? This seminar explains the details of the different types of fat we consume and how it affects the body. Learn which types of fat are in various foods as well as which foods are beneficial and which foods to limit.

Winning the Weight-Loss Battle
Get motivated to lose those extra pounds with practical advice on how to get started on a weight-loss program, set realistic goals, and determine calorie needs. Learn how to maximize body fat loss and how to develop an effective eating plan as well as the pros and cons of some of the more popular diets, including Atkins, South Beach, and the Zone.

Goal Setting and Motivation
Exercise has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Yet, we still have a hard time fitting regular exercise into a busy schedule. This seminar will help participants learn to effectively set and reach their health, fitness and exercise goals. Explore ways of incorporating exercise and a healthy lifestyle into a daily routine while staying motivated and positive.

Improving Your Health Risk Profile
This seminar helps participants identify their health risk factors and suggests strategies to improve their health. While traditional medicine mainly focuses on treating individuals after they are sick, health promotion focuses on prevention of disease. Knowing your risk for disease and engaging in a healthier lifestyle can lead to a more productive, happier life.

Travel and Exercise
This seminar is designed for the frequent traveler or the occasional traveler who would just like to include exercise during their trip. Learn how to incorporate aerobic and strength training exercises without any bulky equipment. Exercise form and technique and well as nutritional considerations are explained.


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